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CloudAhoy is for pilots’ post-flight debriefing. Data is logged during flight, and the post-flight service provides a comprehensive debriefing: VFR and IFR, with 2D or 3D flight tracks, profiles, wind, maneuver analysis, instrument approaches and more. Flight logging, listing and viewing is free. Debriefing service is free for 35-days, then it is $44.99/year.

CloudAhoy is being used by students, professional pilots, CFIs, military and GA. They fly fixed-wing, rotorcraft and gliders. It is used to debrief VFR and instrument training flights, XC, and special missions such as search and rescue. It is used by recreational pilots for sharing flights with their passengers or friends. Many CloudAhoy users routinely record every flight so that the unexpected can be studied.

CloudAhoy combines the data captured during the flight with data from other sources including weather, aerodrome data, IAPs, aircraft registry and more. Its rule-based knowledge engine has information about aircraft flight characteristics, and how specific maneuvers should be flown. For example, CloudAhoy understand traffic patterns, steep turns, chandelles, missed approaches, autorotations, and thermalling. CloudAhoy integrates this to provide pilots with clear and precise information about the flight’s stages. The user interface is designed to enable detailed analysis with clarity and ease. And with fun.




● Auto-segments your flight maneuvers

iPhone 7

● View your flights in 2D or 3D, on any computer platform
● Overlay aviation charts, terrain maps, or satellite images
● Cockpit view: relive your flight in 3D animation
● Flight data import from many devices, apps, and EFIS
● Glass cockpit gauges
● Display the wind along your route. Check your wind corrections
● Optional video view, synchronized
● IFR? Compare your instrument approaches vs. 3D or 2D published IAPs
● Plot altitude, TAS and VS profiles of your approaches
CFI mode for marking the flight in real-time
● Logbook-like listing of any flight you have flown with CloudAhoy


● Use the internal iPhone/iPad GPS, or an external GPS
● Flight sharing between CloudAhoy pilots, and with people without an account.

Flight logging, listing and viewing is free. Annual debriefing service subscription (in-app purchase) is $44.99/year.

To use CloudAhoy you must first create a CloudAhoy account. Your flights’ information is totally private, protected by your username and password.

After creating your account, run this app and login to your account. Enter your plane’s tail number and your name, tap START, and takeoff! When you’re back on the ground, your flight data is automatically sent to CloudAhoy’s server, the data is analyzed, and is waiting for you to login and debrief.

After you land, login and debrief your flight. You can debrief directly in the iOS app, or on the web from any computer platform and any browser . You can share flights via links in email, facebook, or post in a blog, etc. Flights can be shared automatically between the pilot and the co-pilot. CloudAhoy allows you share flights with multiple CloudAhoy buddies of yours and with CloudAhoy groups.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

This app can only be used for flights’ debriefing, and is intended for pilots only. Sorry, it will neither display your car ride, nor your walks with the dog.

Fixed a comm issue in 3.90.

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