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Code Master Pro

Create, preview and share.

Code Master web design software is a mobile code editor that has integrated support for both HTML website and web app developing. Simply create, modify, grab and share any source file of your choosing so you can bring your work with you wherever you go. With Code Master’s easy to use interface and intuitive built-in features editing code on the go has never been so easy.

Experience amenity. Code Master has a comfortable surrounding touch so you never have to feel out of place when developing. New to developing with HTML? We can help with that. Code Master comes with over 100 shortcuts so you don’t have to memorize each individual one.

Code master also enables one-tap previewing so you can literally execute your files and preview your work with a tap of a button. This allows users to make sure that every single final detail is ready for publishing.

Furthermore, sharing has been made easy with Code Master. Simply sync your files, upload them to services such as Instapaper that allow you edit your code online and preview them with easy or email them to your colleagues or other users whom you’re eager to share with.

This powerful developing application also introduces a new feature that enables you to edit your code with Syntax Highlighting. For all of those who aren’t aware, Syntax Highlighting is a feature that displays text, especially source code, in different colors and fonts according to the category of terms for an easier, more helpful coding environment. This feature has also been modified to allow full co-operation with all files written for Xcode. Meaning that you can now edit your Xcode files on the go!

Edit files such as: HTML, JavasSript, PHP, CSS, Xcode Files (Objective-C, C, C++), XML, ActionScript and almost any other text-configured source files out there.

Please note that the Syntax Highlighter is only supported for these languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, Python, Ruby, XML, C, C++ & Objective C.

Update: As of iOS 6 our Syntax Highlighting feature has been disabled due to incompatibility. We are working hard to release a fix soon! In the meanwhile, all iOS 5.x and below may benefit from this feature.

We have rewritten half of the app’s code to bring you even more features whilst increasing the app’s by making it 3x as fast as before. We’ve also added completely new set of various graphical components while updating old elements. Furthermore we’ve added a bunch of new innovations by integrating great new services we think you’ll love!

General Overview
– Major redesign
– Half of the app has been completely rewritten from the ground up

iPad Pro

HUD Progress integration


– Intelligent saving added so you never have to loose another file

Home & Selection
– Added search functionality to the file list table view
– New graphical components added to the file list table view

Editing, Executing & Previewing
– New graphical components
– Previewing now includes a debugging console

denver weather

– Improved speeds of both HTML5 and JavaScript

iOS 8

– Sleep Enabler allows you to modify your work space by customizing font color and background

Happy coding from the RevBlaze team!

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