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CogniFit MoodCraft

MoodCraft lets you create, design and share your own moods and smileys with your friends! You can take full control of your own emoticon designs and make them truly yours.

★ "If you wish to communicate beyond words, then this app is great for you" (Apps Mirror)
★ "MoodCraft is a creative way to express how you’re feeling to the world" (TopTenReviews)

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★ "The app can change your mood within seconds" (Apps4review)
★ "It would actually change the way you express yourself"(WebAppRater)
★ "CogniFit MoodCraft brings the ‘funness’ of using emoticons to reflect our moods and lets us create everything about the emoticon from the ground up"(App Store Arcade)
★ "This a unique kind of social networking app"(iPhone app review online)
★ "If you like creating simple cartoony smileys and sharing them with friends, CogniFit MoodCraft is probably perfect for you!" (The iPhone App Review)
★ "Worth downloading" (appDictions)

By tagging your friends, you can also express through your emotions what is your current state of mind is and if you desire, let them know what you are thinking about them at that precise time!

By using MoodCraft, you will also be able to discover how other people feel. You can even go one step further and find out how others think and feel about you!

With MoodCraft, you will start to discover and understand your own emotions better as well as the emotions of others.


• Build your own moods with your fingers in a matter of seconds
• Check what your friends are thinking and feeling

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• Share with your friends your own state of mind
• Tag your friends so they know how you feel about them
• Discover how other people feel about you

– New mood accessories
– Better mood and people search
– Twitter login

iPhone 6s Plus

– Faster navigation

iPhone 6s

– Bug fixes

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