College Lacrosse 2014 | Best Apps and Games 26 January,2020

College Lacrosse 2014

– Download the first-ever 10 v. 10 mobile lacrosse video game
– Sales support a Lacrosse Video Game for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC

In the first ever full field lacrosse video game for iOS and Android, College Lacrosse 2014 brings real lacrosse gameplay to your mobile devices. Lacrosse face-offs, shots, passing, checks, ground balls, dodging, and more!

Take control of your lacrosse team with the full 14 week season mode that includes roster customization, player progression, substitutions, offensive sets, riding and clearing formations. In the full season mode, your team gets better the more you play! Enhance your players strength, agility, speed, stick skills, face-offs, and much more as the lacrosse season progresses.

Keep track of your team with lacrosse statistics such as goals, assists, shots, forced turnovers, ground balls, face-off wins, goalie saves and shot percentage.

-Fixed goalies side stepping out of the goal (they were going after passes)
-Improved goalie save percentage by adding more variation to the aim of the shots from the AI

iPhone 6s Plus

-Made faceoffs easier (can tap pre-whistle now and not auto-lose)
-Fixed player names saving issues (might need to restart seasons)
-Fixed players shooting with their back turned


-Fixed out of bound passes going to wrong tam
-Fixed ball randomly will go out of bounds and the whistle not blowing

iPhone 6

-Fixed player getting stuck unable to shoot or pass
-Easier to body check and get body checked
-Hold check to "lock on to the ball carrier"
-Removed ability to shoot from defensive end (helps with accidental shots after playing D)
-UI Tweak: Made it easier to close formation menu
-Turned down "ball turning" in the air (have to keep it slightly or passing is inaccurate)
-Fixed crazy ball flying out of the stadium
-Sped up shots (less power up time needed)
-Passing faster and more responsive
-Sped up running
-Tweaked some animation speeds
-Changed ball particle effect from orange to white
-Tweaked some AI values

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iOS 8