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ColorDx Pro

ColorDx is the world’s first US military-validated color vision diagnostic application for iPad. Formerly named “Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test” or “WCCVT”, the ColorDx app has been validated by, and is routinely used at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Pensacola, FL (NAMI) to evaluate Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine, and Army applicants and aviators.

ColorDx is self-administering, self-scoring and uses an adaptive test strategy in which the screening portion is truncated once a number of mis-identified plates are scored. The test immediately moves to score the type and severity of the deficiency.

At the conclusion of the test, a comprehensive report is generated for to be either send to the EMR/EHR system or to the printer for the patient / patient chart. A QR code is included for the patient to get additional information on color vision deficiencies.

The ColorDx app includes multiple test strategies for adults, illiterates, seniors, and children including the worlds most popular children’s test “Color Vision Testing Made Easy”.

ColorDx APP Quick Facts:

•Validated for use by the US Navy for Naval Aviators and other military personnel

iPhone 7



iPhone 6s

•Multiple test strategies included

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