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Comic Draw by plasq

*** The Free Trial is really FREE! It’s a $0.00 In-App Purchase. ***

"I’ve only had it for a day but it is by far my favorite app on my iPad Pro. It is the app I have been waiting for. Thank you!" – Alex Ogle, Comic Book Artist.

View and create awesome comics right on your iPad! Comic Draw comes with everything you need: brushes, fonts and tools to make reading & creating cartoons and comics easy and fun!

While the basic app allows viewing and sharing of Comic Draw comics, an In-App Purchase unlocks the full editing capabilities. Start with a comic or cartoon template and get creating today!

• Comic Viewer Feature Highlights
– Optimized for iPad Pro
– Integrated fullscreen comic reader
– Import and Export Comic Draw files

• Comic Editor Feature Highlights
– Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Standard comic and cartoon templates
– 34 bundled brushes
– 130+ bundled comic fonts
– Layers and layer groups
– 1, 2 & 3 point perspective guides
– Fast and easy comic lettering
– Auto-save enabled – never lose your artwork
– Integrated publishing system

• Brushes
– 34 bundled brushes
– Textures and screentones
– Lots of customization options
– Easy favoriting system
– Import and export brushes for fast sharing

• Layers
– Build up your artwork with layers
– Layer groups help separate your stages of work
– Lock, hide and merge layers as you go
– Layer blend modes for advanced effects

• Color
– Create custom color palettes
– Multiple bundled palettes including a classic comic color palette
– Fast color blocking with automatic edge detection from higher layers
– Quick shade adjustment slider
– Canvas color sampling

• Perspective Guides
– 1, 2 and 3 point guides available
– Multiple guides per page
– Automatic perspective snap of strokes, lines, rectangles and ovals
– Simple guide calibration from reference photo or sketch

• Selection and Masking
– Copy, flip, distort and filter selected areas
– Filters include hue, saturation, brightness, recolor, background exclusion and foreground selection.
– Mask regions for safe painting

• Lettering
– 130+ bundled fonts
– Advanced balloon support including extension balloons
– Sophisticated lettering controls including warping and 3D effects


– Advanced style system for consistent fonts and graphic design across multiple pages

• Script Editor
– Full comic script editor included
– Automatic keyword recognition
– Drag and drop lettering elements from the script to comic page

• Sketchpad
– Separate sketch area with simplified tools
– Fast switching between sketch and final artwork

iPhone 6s

– Lettering layer available for panel layout planning

• Publishing & Sharing
– Record video of your creative process
– Upload to Comic Connect for fast and easy publishing
– Import Comic Draw native format
– Export as Comic Draw native format, PDF, ePub, JPG or PNG
– Export to AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, email and many more

* New smoothing parameter in the brush dynamics settings
* Inking defaults to pure black
* Fixed a bug when creating panel styles

And other fixes and improvements

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