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Compass Point: West

Saddle up, it’s time for a showdown!

..::: Collect cards and build your posse of wild west gunslingers :::..

The frontier is a rough and tumble place. Your help is needed to grow and protect a brand spankin’ new western town on the edge of the frontier. Villains lurk in the shadows, their greed for oil and power know no bounds. Join your friends and saddle up for an epic adventure!

..::: Game Features :::..

*** BUILD a thriving western town
*** BATTLE Wild West outlaws & other players
*** COLLECT and upgrade character cards

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iOS 8.1

*** CLAIM your stake and free towns
*** PLAY your way- horizontally or vertically

Explore the open frontier as you free other towns from the corrupt outlaws of Orville Driller’s evil oil empire!

Build and run your own Wild West outpost alongside the town Sheriff and recruit trusty sidekicks to protect it. Don’t let Orville Driller and his henchmen get their filthy hands on all that black gold flowing beneath your lands.

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Compass Point: West welcomes the world to the frontier! Yee-Hah! This here version’s packed FULL o’ goodies fit for veterans and new players alike. There’s some MAJOR battlin’ updates below the cut:

Guards are meaner than a two-tailed rattler – with their own buildings they watch over your town while you’re off battling.
Y’all also now got a bigger town area, for better defense.

Attack wise, yer sidekicks done got better abilities:
– 49er causes a whole lotta damage against nearby buildings
– Gatling Gunner hits harder against enemies that are on foot
– Mercenary takes less damage while on the move
– Ranger has increased damage against enemies on foot

Overall, it’s gotten more likely you’ll draw yourself a great card in the saloon.
James Spencer’s gone and found himself a new purpose: use him to upgrade battle abilities.
Buckaroo Posse is now available as an instant card when you win a battle.

Town wise, your buildings improved by gettin’ themselves lowered so you can see over ‘em!

Matchmaking improvements

Steve Jobs

Squished the heck outta some bugs!

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