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Conduit Fill Helper

**Conduit Fill Helper**

The best conduit fill calculator on the app store! This application is perfect for the field professional and the office worker. Conduit Fill Helper will assist you in doing a conduit fill calculation, just add each conductor to the list and select the conduit type to receive the conduit size per the NEC. This calculator also includes a custom conductor size for cabling and conductors that are not included in the NEC.

*NEC 2011 and NEC 2014 selectable code references.
*Easy to use and customizable interface.

iPad Air 4

*Step By Step help section to guide you through the calculation.
*Custom conductor size: Input a cable or conductor area that is not available in the NEC. Great for communication cabling!
*Includes all available conductor and insulation sizes in the NEC.

NFPA, National Fire Protection Agency, National Electrical Code, NFPA 70, and NEC are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association and are not associated with ReiWare, LLC in any way.

**Version 1.1.5 Changes**

*NEW: Code selection section in settings for 2011 and 2014 NEC codes.
*NEW: Clear button to clear all fields at once.
*UPDATE: More help text added to the help section to explain the calculation and the steps involved.
*UPDATE: Graphical changes to the application, including a new logo and icons.


*UPDATE: Changed the spacing on the fields to space out further on larger phones.
*UPDATE: Removed all sounds from the application as they are not necessary.


*UPDATE: Behind the scene changes to decrease the lag time and increase the speed of the application.

iPhone 6 Plus

*NEW: Added a custom conductor size button to input a conductor or cable area that is not available in the NEC.

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