Confidential CC: Self-destructing email without a trace | Best Apps and Games 12 November,2018

Confidential CC: Self-destructing email without a trace

Introducing a new email protocol, Ccc: a 4th email field under Bcc.
Connect with your existing email address and send confidential email to those Ccc’ed.


Or turn on CCC Mode to send confidentially to all recipients.

Ccc email:
– Is end-to-end encrypted

iPhone 6s

– Cannot be forwarded
– Cannot be printed
– Is only viewable once by recipients
– Self-destructs without a trace once closed
– Offers screenshot protection
– Touch ID integration (when applicable) adds an extra layer of security

In addition to off-the-record email, Confidential CC offers revolutionary inbox tools:

thousand oaks

– Send later: set a future day and time to send your messages
– Read later: snooze messages to have them reappear at a later day or time
– Cancel an accidentally sent email
– Attachment Hub: Easily search and locate any attachment associated with your inbox by file name, type or sender name

Offering consolidated access to social contacts and inboxes, Confidential CC helps you regain control over the distribution and access to the messages and attachments that you create and send each day.

Confidential CC: Email without a Trace. Your Right to Privacy.

– Performance improvements


– Better user experience
– Improved screen shot alert

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