Cops Chase And Destroy 3D | Best Apps and Games 17 October,2018

Cops Chase And Destroy 3D

Welcome to the craziest race in your life! Get ready to become a part of the crime world and fight with the police. Hope, you have the guts for a new lightning speed action game Cops Chase And Destroy 3D! Destroy, crash and devastate police vehicles and have fun!

Police chase is quite a classic plot, don’t you think? But what happens when a predator becomes a prey? Test your skills as a hunter in Cops Chase And Destroy 3D – trace all police cars, bump into them and cripple the vehicles as hard as you can.

Welcome to the merciless chase and race! Your mission will be eliminating all police vehicles on the map. Explore the map, find all checkpoints and get additional score. Start from regular patrol cars and at the end fight against powerful armored vehicles! Upgrade your car and buy new ones!

Cops Chase And Destroy 3D FEATURES
– Brutal adventure for a real rebel
– Not a regular police chase – become an outlaw

sqdc montreal

Mac Pro

MacBook Pro

– Different types of enemies
– Increasing difficulty

iMac '24

– Upgrades and new vehicles

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