Cozy City | Best Apps and Games 22 February,2019

Cozy City

Cozy City is a different kind of puzzle game. It requires a good combination of spatial reasoning and logical problem solving to complete each puzzle. If you enjoy logic puzzles or brain teasers this game will surely scratch an itch. Each puzzle contains two parts, a blueprint which shows you the roads and houses you need to place, and a grid of land tiles that you can build on. Each road and house is connected to another road or house which you need to place on an adjacent tile in the city grid.

This is a unique puzzle mechanic that encourages you to try and find a play style that works for you. Most players either try and plan out moves ahead of time, or place tiles randomly and try and backtrack from potential problem areas as they arise.

Puzzles start easy with only a few roads and houses that can be arranged in many ways. As you unlock more puzzles they get harder and harder leading up to dozens of houses and roads in large city grids. Where one wrong placement at the beginning could be the reason for failure toward the end.


* Unique puzzle mechanics.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

* 50 challenging levels.

chelsea vs malmö

iPhone 6

* Hours of gameplay.
* Increasing difficulty levels.

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