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Cpk Calculator

Cpk Calculation Made Easy, This app allows you to calculate:

– Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk, PPM Defects & Confidence Interval

– Fully exportable data and Histogram

This app allows you to calculate process capability (Cpk) in the field, no longer do you need to scribble down data on a note pad, then go back to your desk to input data into an expensive subscription based software (Microtab TM).

This app automatically calculates standard deviation in 1 of 3 ways Depending on Data set characteristics:

1. If data is in one large group we use the regular sample standard deviation calculation (n-1).

If you collect your data in sub groups there are (2) preferred methods of estimating standard deviation using unbiasing constants:

2. Rbar /D2

3. Sbar /C4

Our goal at Brown Belt Institute is to provide valuable process improvement tools with a "fluff" free training approach for anyone at any point in their Lean / Six Sigma journey. We strive to provide the most user friendly tools at the absolute lowest cost.

– Bug fixes related to the results graph

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