Creatacard Card Maker – Create and Send Birthday Cards and More! | Best Apps and Games 9 October,2019

Creatacard Card Maker – Create and Send Birthday Cards and More!

Creatacard Card Maker by American Greetings is a fun iPad app that allows kids to use their creativity and our never-before-seen technology to make real paper greeting cards that they can send to family and friends.

Create and Send via Real Mail

iPad Air 4

Kids of all ages can use their fingers and imaginations to doodle, draw, paint, and create their way to real printed greeting cards. Kids will have the option to create a card from scratch using a selection of tools including pencils, paint, markers, stickers, and more. Customize the card in any way you’d like by adding a personal message, photo, and name to create a truly unique greeting card.

Don’t want to create a custom card? Pick a design, and our fields will prompt you to add pictures, greetings, and more in order to create a personalized card just for you.

Once a card is created, it can be sent through the actual mail (stamp and all!) to whomever you like.

A Safe Space

iOS 8

This is a fun and safe app for everyone! Kids create, adults send, so the only surprise you’ll have is the awesome card when it’s finished.

We’ve added new Father’s Day stickers to make the perfect greeting card for dad, grandpa and all the other great fathers!



iPhone 7