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Cribbage Academy – A multiplayer pegboard card game

Cribbage Academy brings a new, fun way to experience cribbage on your Macintosh, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV. High-quality dictation voices talk you through the game as if you were playing with live opponents, announcing the plays and counting the hands. Yet you are still in control of all game decisions, unless you tap the table for suggestions.

The cribbage board shows the progress of the game but without taking up a large portion of the screen. Only the cards in play plus essential game elements are shown, allowing for larger cards. This makes CribAcademy feel much more like a real card game, with everything easy to see and voices telling you who is doing what.

One simple price buys the entire game for Macintosh, with lifetime updates. Another buys the same for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad

Gameplay features include:
• Play 2–4 handed Cribbage with built-in AI (computer) opponents.
• Or play against a friend sharing your iPhone or iPad (“Pass & Play”)


• Built-in voices and instructions guide you through game play.

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MacBook Pro

• Learn to play, or challenge your current Cribbage skills.

Download Cribbage Academy today! You will not be disappointed!

Play is more fluid since you can click the next card to play before the previous cards have finished moving.

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