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Cross Stitch Creator

Turn pictures of your favorite moments into cross stitch patterns of almost any size and decide which colors are used! In addition to creating patterns, Cross Stitch Creator allows you colorize and manipulate stitches to mark your progress. You can also save the pattern to your photo library for printing or other uses.

• Generate cross stitch patterns from pictures
• Generate patterns up to 800 x 800 stitches

iPad Air 3

• Use hundreds of different colors in a single pattern
• 424 different DMC thread colors to choose from
• Choose which colors can be used when generating the pattern
• Save pictures of the pattern and key for printing
• Save and transfer patterns via iTunes on a desktop computer

Pattern interaction featuring:
• Colorize individual stitches to mark progress

iPhone 6s Plus

• Quick and easy symbol lookup


• Lockable stitches

Steve Jobs

• Sortable key
• Pattern metadata such as size, date created, number of colors…

Fixed a small bug where the app would crash when being closed.

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