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Cryptia Secure Storage Free

Encrypted storage is the best way to handle private information on a mobile phone or tablet.

iOS 8


Your data would be safely locked even if someone else gains access to the device, temporarily or permanently.

This program creates a protected storage container that encrypts sensitive data through AES-256 algorithm.

Any files can be placed in the storage;

The program utilizes well-known TrueCrypt ® technology to make containers.

You can access the storage from another mobile device or computer by creating a temporary web page for one time remote access. First, you need to enter the container’s password on the device with the container file, and generate an access link. Second, enter the link on a remote device while the ‘web server’ tab of Cryptia Secure Storage is active.

An encrypted container can also be safely placed in the cloud.

Whereas there is always the risk of someone getting unauthorized access to the container file itself, nobody would be able to get inside the container without knowing the password.

If you choose to delete a container, rest assured that no data would be recoverable by any means.

Cryptia Secure Storage allows you to view documents within the container directly, just like a regular file manager.

The PRO version offers the following additional features:

− Cryptia Secure Messenger may be used to send and receive files via secure connection, without making copies of the file in the public access.

Cryptographical tools used by Cryptia Secure Storage are based upon well-known open-source frameworks, such as TrueCrypt and OpenSSL, and are also available as a source code.

Corporate instruments will be implemented in the later versions of the program.

Fixes and changes for ios 8 compatibility.

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