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CTRL+Console – Premiere & Final Cut Pro Editing

– AS SEEN ON KICKSTARTER® AND NOW AN OFFICIAL ADOBE® PARTNER – Experience a better way to work & create! iPad control of Final Cut Pro® and Adobe Premiere® that makes editing fast & intuitive for all skill levels.
Turn your iPad into a $3,000 control surface that has Gestures! Purchase consoles via our In-App Store.
*Designed for QWERTY keyboards – users of AZERTY and other keyboard layouts may find buttons not working as expected.


We're working on a fix! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING “Worth buying an iPad just for this software if you are an editor …the gesture control is fantastic…
Will make a lot of editors very happy!” “I'm a Director of Photography, not an editor.


I'm now quickly editing on FCP-X! Nice work!” “Best editing companion EVER!!!” THE FUTURE OF EDITING Keyboards were designed for typing, not editing.
CTRL+Console was designed from the ground up to make your creative work easier, bringing familiar tactile control into the modern world.
CONTROL SURFACE FOR EVERYONE Buy only the consoles you want, and skip the ones you don't with our In-App Store.
Each console is a controller for creative programs you already use but with more functionality than most $3,000 control surfaces.
GESTURE SYSTEM Keep your eyes on your footage with our proprietary Gesture System for the most common editing tasks.
Jog and shuttle through your footage, mark in and out, and then insert the footage into your timeline, all through multitouch gestures done anywhere on the iPad.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN We are humans, not robots.
Interfaces should be designed around our hands and the way we work.
We've designed consoles that minimize strain and keep you editing comfortably all day long.
FOR THE MODERN CREATIVE Gone are the days of working in just one program.

iPad Air 4

CTRL+Console is designed for the modern creative working in multiple programs – all from a single, cohesive app.

iPhone 7 Plus

• Quicktime® CONTROLLER (free) • Adobe Premiere® Pro CONTROLLER (avail.
for purchase) • Adobe Premiere® Pro EDITOR (avail.
for purchase) • Final Cut Pro® CONTROLLER (avail.
for purchase) • Final Cut Pro® EDITOR (avail.
for purchase) REQUIREMENTS: • Mac and PC compatible (OS X 10.6+, Win XP+) • Desktop application: – FCP 7 or X – Adobe Premiere CS 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 or CC – Quicktime Player 7+ • WiFi connection • CTRL+Console desktop application

Squashed startup bugs.

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