Cube Koala | Best Apps and Games 21 March,2019

Cube Koala

"This is a brutally difficult game that takes great pleasure in killing you over and over and over again, as you try to get a koala through the spike-laced gauntlets” – Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer

"It’s quite a clever and challenging game, as a number of challenges start to pop up for you to try and tackle" – Carter Dotson, Touch Arcade

"Now here’s a game that’s thrusting giant buzzsaws at us upon first sight. There are also dark backgrounds filled with electronic guts and spikes shining sharp in the foreground" – Chris Priestman, Pocket Gamer

Cube Koala is an intense puzzler where you play as a koala placed in a kafkaesque tesseract containing deadly traps. Guide our little hero through increasingly difficult levels, manipulate gravity and employ every skill you have learned to bounce through the level’s exit…just to appear in a new one.

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