Cue Card Plus | Best Apps and Games 17 January,2018

Cue Card Plus

The best cue card simulator on the app store!

Looking for a great way to prepare for a presentation? Test yourself? Or just want a convenient app to take notes? Then Cue Card Plus is the app for you!

CCP brings cue cards to your tablet!


iPhone 6s

+ Edit Mode – Create the cards to your liking!
+ Double-Sided Cards – Take notes on both sides!
+ Review Mode – Review your cards in a shuffled or set order!
+ Presentation Mode – Prepare for that big presentation with a built-in timer!

iPhone 7

+ Test Mode – Test yourself for any upcoming evaluation you may have!

Steve Jobs

+ Folder System – Organize and group your cards!

Graphic Design by Evan Kossman

fgo アンケート

Developed by Jack Cohen

The first of a productivity app family, so stay tuned for future releases!

+ Organize folders – You can now rearrange and rename your folders!

+ Print cards – You can now directly print your cue cards!

© Jack Cohen