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Curio Express


For over a decade, thousands of customers around the world have used our flagship product, Curio, to create notebooks filled with freeform idea space pages containing notes, research, and ideas for their work, school, and personal projects. Curio Express is for those that don’t need Curio’s project notebook support but want something more than yet another mind mapping, outlining, or flowcharting app. Within a Curio Express document, you have a single, spacious freeform idea space page where you can use all of Curio’s incredible features detailed below for brainstorming, organization, and creative exploration.

Curio Express can also open, in a read-only mode, project notebooks containing multiple idea spaces created using the flagship Curio product. You can even use the built-in presentation mode to view notebooks as a slideshow.

A Curio Express idea space allows you to place anything anywhere including:
• Text (with support for image or file attachments).
• Images (with support for captions).
• PDFs (with integrated PDF annotation tools).
• Audio and video files.
• Web links and WebArchives.
• Embedded Google Docs web views.
• Embedded views to YouTube or Vimeo videos.
• Embedded document files.
• Audio and video recordings created from within Curio.


• Mind maps; including radial map, left map, right map, bottom-up, top-down, and org chart layouts plus support for straight, elbow, and curved lines, branch colors, boundaries, and relationship lines.
• Lists, hierarchical outlines, and to-do lists.
• Index cards.
• Tables.
• Photo/image albums.


• Pinboards (great for Kanban task visualization or brainstorming groupings).
• Idea graphs for creating easy freeform thought connections.
• Diagrams created with dozens of available flowcharting symbols.
• Multipoint straight, curved, and orthogonal sticky lines with support for line labels, patterns, and numerous arrowhead choices.
• Sketches with pens and brushes (with support for pressure-sensitive tablets).
• Intra- and inter-project jump links and actions.

Advanced searching and meta data support:
• Checkmarks and percent complete.
• Tags with support for optional images and hotkeys.
• Priorities.
• Ratings.
• Start dates, due dates, and durations.
• Custom figure actions when double-clicked.
• Search shelf for easily finding items using simple or complex queries.

Styles, templates, and stencils:
• Notepaper, grid, and beautifully textured idea space styles and templates.
• Figure, image, list, mind map, index card, table, album, and pinboard styles and stencils.
• Easily create your own styles, templates, and stencils.
• Support for complex figure stencils where you can extract figures within the overall stencil.

Impressive importing:
• Drag in anything including text, images, documents, browser content, and Mail messages.
• Drag in CSV files to create tables.
• Drag in OPML, MindManager (MMAP), iThoughts, and MindNode files to create lists or mind maps.

Extensive exporting:
• Rich or plain text.
PDF document.
• PNG, JPG, PDF image.

ontario cabinet shuffle

• Tables to CSV.


• Lists and mind maps to OPML, MindManager (MMAP), iThoughts, or MindNode.
• Easily convert between lists and mind maps from within Curio via right-click context menu.

Task tracking:
• Lists and mind maps can automatically roll-up and compute start/due dates and task completions based on sibling and child hierarchies.
• Sync tasks to Calendar and Reminders apps.
• Track tasks with the built-in Status shelf.

• Curio’s Evernote integration allows you to easily search and browse your Evernote cloud for notes and images that you can drag into your idea space.
• Curio’s easy-to-use Sleuth internet research assistant helps you find images, definitions, and other information and includes an integrated profanity checker to assist with home or school environments.

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