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CyberChat allows you to quickly and easily communicate with other iPhones or iPod Touches near you.

We have made something that no other chat application relative to ours on the AppStore offer. You can choose from multiple chat types that you best prefer to communicate with your peers.

Chat Types:
– WiFi + Bluetooth
– P2P Bluetooth
– Bump

WiFi + Bluetooth:
Gives you the ability to easily create a room with a preferred room name. You can have both WiFi and Bluetooth on, CyberChat will automatically broadcast the room service on both networks. You can also join a existing room on the same WiFi network or nearby Bluetooth sessions. Rooms are automatically searched and populated, so no other additional setup is required.

P2P Bluetooth:
Gives you the ability to connect with a peer with an easy to use user interface. CyberChat will search for nearby bluetooth and pair with a user you have selected to converse with.

Using Bump Technologies’ great functionality, CyberChat gives you the ability to easily connect with a peer by simply bumping each other’s device together. No setup is required and session will stay active as long you are connected to the internet.

Although Apple limits the use of background processing to receive messages once you leave the application, we have made it so that you can continue to stay in session and receive all the messages you’ve missed once you return.

Other features include:

iPhone 7

+ Customize Display Name
+ Archive Chat Conversation

奥様は取り扱い注意 映画

+ Password Protect Archived Conversations (MD5 Checksum for additional security)

We plan to add additional features including walkie-talkie, Facebook Chat, Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, etc in the near future.

+ Fixed compatibility issues for versions lower than 4.0.

iPhone 6s Plus


+ Bump to Connect bug fix.

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