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Daily Logs

This App is for construction workers that are looking to optimize their time on the job. One of the most important forms to complete every day is a Daily Log. Daily Logs will allow you to add, edit, or delete information, on the fly, while in the field. This App will save you time, physical storage space, and paper waste.

Manage your daily activities across multiple projects. This feature allows you to jump between projects without having to carry multiple journals. Easily stored on your device for reference when you need them.

Input an email for yourself or your supervisor to send your logs to each day, your filled out Daily Log will be sent as a PDF. These Daily Logs will be easy to store, print, and sort through in your email account. You will need email set up on your device to take full advantage of this app.

Keep track of all your lost workdays regardless of the cause; thoughout the course of the project.

Personalize the Daily Log form to meet your specific needs. Change the field titles in the “Job Information” menu.

Copy project information from day to day, this will allow you to save time on creating new logs.

Automatically fills in the date, day of the week, and weather (US Citizens).

Add multiple pictures through your camera or choose them from your photo album.

Save logs to your device or email them as a PDF.

Auto reminder to save your logs.

Auto save 2 hours after your reminder if you close Daily Logs.

Keep track of your important logs with custom log icons.

The text input screen has been updated to better use voice input thanks to a suggestion be a SF Bay Area electrical company. You can now update the fields using mostly voice instead of having to type everything. Cool huh? Try it!

In case you do not know what I am talking about, when the keyboard comes up there is a microphone key just to the left of the spacebar. Hit the microphone key and start speaking. When you hit done your words get typed out. Even better, at the end of the sentence say the word "period" and it puts a period there to end the sentence. The next word you say starts a new sentence.

This is so cool to some of us. Others will just ask me what took so long.

One other thing. I did clean up a couple of screens and fixed a couple of bugs.


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