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Daily Notes – Notes/ Journal/ Diary/ To-Do Lists

***50% OFF for a limited time only!*** Daily Notes is a simple yet powerful tool that converts your iPad into a beautiful journal.


Take note of your thoughts, actions, improvements and even to-do lists right on Daily Notes.
Whether you want to take notes in meetings, record key points while reading a book or would like to just jot down your passing thoughts – this app is for you.
The app is organized as a set of tabs, each tab having a page for every day.

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Create tabs for various aspects of your life, play with your favorite color themes/fonts and enjoy the pleasure of notes-taking with Daily Notes.

iPhone 6 Plus

All your information is synced between your iPhone and iPad via iCloud or Evernote.
Daily Notes has many uses including: – Daily journal / diary – Task management – Classroom notes taking for students – Meeting notes and email meeting minutes after – Project notes with separate tab for each project – Taking notes as you read a book See what our users are saying: – "Amazing App!! I've been looking for something like this & finally found it!" – "it changed the way I use my iPad" – "the best journal app for iPad so far" – "Great for notes taking and organizing them" Featured on MacStories as "Daily Notes is your Leather Bound Notepad for iPad" ———————————– Features of Daily Notes: ———————————– – Create any number of tabs – Take notes and manage tasks within each tab – Select color themes and fonts for each of your tabs – Simple navigation – Switch to a tab's summary view for quick reference – Attach documents to your notes – View all your attachments using the Media Tab – Dynamic search – Tag notes for easy lookup – Filter notes by tags, tabs and/or days – Email notes with a single touch – Sketch / Handwriting Attachments – Photo attachments – DROPBOX Backup – PDF Export – Set password – TextExpander Support – Built-in User guide We'd love to hear from you, let us know what you think! dailynotes.biz Facebook: facebook.com/dailynotesapp Twitter: @DailyNotesApp

**Audio Recording

iPhone 7

You can now record talks, conferences, classroom lectures, meetings & more right on Daily Notes.

**Summary Icon
Quickly shift from a list of summary of your notes to a single note

**Several other usability improvements

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