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Daily Tracker 5 – Ultimate Habit & Goal Tracker

Daily Tracker 5 – Ultimate Habit & Goal Tracker! Track your daily habits, weight goal, sleep hours, time tracker, counter tracker and more

## Daily Tacker is being Featured by Apple in Build Good Habit App section on the US App Store

• Daily Tracker can track literally everything

iPhone 7 Plus

• Visualise your achievements in chart or review your data in calendar view.
• Create group to organise your data.
• Protect your data with Cloud Backup, Passcode Lock, Data Export and more.

Daily Tracker is an ultimate tool for tracking your daily goals and keeping a log of your daily activities. It allows you to track literally everything about you. Examples:

• Your gym activities
• Number of the glasses of water you’ve had
• How many the stairs you’ve taken today
• Number of hours you’ve slept last night
• Your running distance
• Your weight or your % of body fat
• Your total daily sells of your business
• …or whatever is important to you

With Daily Tracker, you won’t need another individual apps for each of these things. Only Daily Tracker can manage them all in one app.


## Track Your Goals
Multiple ways to track your goals from yes/no, counter, numeric to time.

## Visualise Your Progress
See the whole picture of your achievements in simplified chart.

## Goal Target

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Setting your Goal Target. The powerful way to achieve your goal.

## Organise by Groups
Easily tracking progress by specified group which you can manually define.

## Logbook View
Don’t be afraid of losing your historical data, Daily Tracker will be kept in the logbook view.

## Calendar View
Keep track of your progress with our build-in calendar view.

## Note-Taking Capability
Describe your progress which a convenient way to attach note.

## Cloud Backup
Your data will never lose with our cloud backup and restore via Dropbox.

## CSV Export
Data is yours! Want to use your tracking data outside our app? This data export feature can be your rescuer.

## Daily Reminder
Forget to track your progress! Let’s daily reminder to remind you.

## Theme
The choice is yours! Light or Dark, Modern or Classic, We have a theme which suits for you.

## Passcode Lock

iPhone 6s

Secure your personal data from prying eyes with 4-digits passcode lock.

## More Good Things to Come
Stay tune for more new features like streaks mode (Note: It is coming soon)

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What’s new in Daily Tracker 5?
– Light, Dark & Classic Theme
– Better optimised for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

iPhone 7s

– Improved Goal Target Settings
– Fixed Reminder Permission on iOS8
– New Icon

Daily Tracker 5.2.1
– Fixed several report bugs
– Stability improvements

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