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Danger Text – never stop writing

Danger Text is a text creation motivational tool that laughs in the face of writers block and procrastination. It is the perfect tool for rapidly writing—and sharing—your stories and ideas.

But be warned: if you stop writing for more than a few seconds before Danger Text says you can, you will lose it all.

Featuring the in app publication ‘The Danger Times’, where you can optionally publish your stories and read other users submissions. Read entries from around the world and translate into your own language with a tap.

Never stop writing.

Five different writing modes:

iPhone 6s

– Standard – just keep writing and you’ll be fine



– Head start – Danger Text will start you off
– Stream of consciousness – if you stop to think you’ll fail
– No going back – don’t delete a thing
– Russian roulette – finish up and roll the dice…

Once you’ve finished, you can email, airdrop, or share your creation. Danger Text will save your recent text creations for viewing and exporting at a later time.

– New icon!
– Other little improvements to make your enjoyment complete.

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