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DataVault Password Manager

The Leading Password Manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch ◆ AES Encryption ◆ Touch ID ◆ iCloud Sync ◆ Automatic Backups ◆ Password Generator ◆ Flexible Templates ◆ Advanced Security Options

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"Only password manager to use secure, iOS-encrypted Keychain." – Elcomsoft

Is your private information safe? Are your passwords secure?

DataVault Password Manager protects confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins and more using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology to keep your data secure. DataVault Password Manager includes a unique set of features like Touch ID, iCloud backups and advanced security options to protect your most precious information.

Unrivaled features and ease-of-use have made DataVault a best-selling password manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch.

“Essential Gear. A password manager should be one of the first apps you download. I compared a few and this one excelled because it could sync across multiple devices.”

“Rock Solid Foundation. I’ve tried most of the password apps and selected this one for its flexibility in defining item templates, ability to sync one database to multiple mobile devices, and strong desktop versions. I have 1100 items now and the app has performs brilliantly.”

“Terrific Customer Support. My question was answered within 24 hours and the issue resolved. Now that’s what I expect from a developer!!!”

“The Best. Absolutely the best password safe across all platforms and outstanding support!”

• Encrypts information using AES, the global standard for data protection. Nobody can access your data without your master password, not even Ascendo.
• Employs 128-bit encryption as used by online banking sites. Upgrade to DataVault Premium for 256-bit encryption, PBKDF2 and salting to insure the highest security of any password manager.
• Enable Touch ID to login with your fingerprint.
• Set Auto-Lock duration to require login after an inactivity delay.

iPhone 7 Plus

• Set Maximum Login Attempts to wipe your data after successive failed login attempts.
• Set a hint in case you forget your master password.
• Use Field Masking to shield data from prying eyes.

• Create strong passwords using password generator with settings for length & types of characters.
• Strength Meter tells you if you passwords are weak, good or strong.

iPad Air 4

• Backup your data automatically to insure you never lose your important information.


• Supports iOS multitasking to facilitate web site logins.
• Synchronize with DataVault for Mac and other devices (sold separately).
• Use iCloud, Dropbox, Wi-Fi, Webdav or iTunes to synchronize.
• Dropbox Auto-sync (DataVault Premium).
• Resolve synchronization conflicts.

• View items in list view or folder view.
• Use Templates for common items such as bank accounts, credit cards & logins.
• Select from 25 default templates or create your own.
• Initiate phone calls, emails or web site logins with actionable fields.
• Use categories & types to organize items.
• Duplicate items for faster entry.

And a whole lot more…
• Full iPad support with split screen display.
• 110 icons to personalize your items, 90 more with DataVault Premium.

sabri lamouchi

• Import from 1Password, EWallet, SplashID, mSecure, Keepass & other password keepers with DataVault desktops (sold separately).
• Import from text files in CSV format.
• Great support.

◆ One copy of DataVault Password Manager can be installed on up to 5 Macs authorized to an iTunes account.

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Get peace of mind with the best password manager for iOS. Download DataVault Password Manager today!

To all our wonderful customers, thanks so much for all the great feedback, encouragement and help testing beta versions. We hope you will love this update!

– Implemented Touch ID to authenticate with your fingerprint. Please note, your master password is required at regular intervals to insure strong security. See Security Settings.
– Added Require Password setting. DataVault is the only password manager to give you Touch ID options. Once per Session (default), insures that your password is never stored on your device. Daily, Weekly or Monthly securely store your password to the iOS KeyChain. See User Guide to see why this is important.
– Changed Security Time Out setting with Auto-Lock to improve consistency with iOS.
– Replaced Time Out Action and Auto-Lock settings in previous version with Lock on Exit to simplify security settings. See user guide for more information.
– Enhanced multi-tasking support to insure that private info is not visible when DataVault is running in the background.
– Fixed List View to display masked fields in expanded view.
– Enhanced item icons with iOS like gradients.
– Added high resolution graphics for iPhone 6 Plus users.
– Improved Dropbox synchronization login.
– Implemented latest Dropbox API to eliminate login issues.
– Added Progress indicator for Touch ID login for users with large databases.
– Changed settings switch color to green.
– Implemented Faster Login. To skip login animation, tap on Return key after entering master password.
– Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

If you have any issues with this update, please email [email protected]

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