Day One 2 Journal + Notes | Best Apps and Games 16 September,2018

Day One 2 Journal + Notes

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Capture life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One’s elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure.

We are pleased to introduce the next generation of the Day One journaling app. Version 2 is a new app built from the ground up for an excellent writing and life-capturing experience.

What’s New:

– Multiple Photos per entry (up to ten inline photos)


– Multiple Journals (up to ten journals with unique colors and names)
– Day One Sync 2.0 (See for more details.)
– Map View
– Custom Reminders
– Entry Management (select, move, tag, and delete multiple entries at a time)
– Timeline Filters (star, tags, location, year, activity, and music)
– Timezone Support
– 3D Touch
– Local, Exportable Backups

Other Features:

– Passcode Lock with Touch ID
– Automatic metadata (location, weather, motion activity, step count, and music)
– Apple Watch App

iOS 8

– Search
– Tags and Stars


– Export to PDF with smart filters
– Today Extension
– Share Extension
– Export to PDF and plain text

What’s Missing:

– Hashtags (these are coming back in a better way)
– Today Extension photos and usage stats (currently "check-in" only, but will be improved)
– Publish has been removed but will return in an improved way.
– iCloud/Dropbox sync. Day One Sync is an improved, and free sync solution that will offer many great features soon. (The first being IFTTT Channel and Private-key encryption coming in a future free update.)


Day One 2.0:


Day One Sync:


For technical assistance or other inquiries, email: [email protected]

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