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Have you ever been confused by your day planner? Do you think and plan visually? We created DayMap because we believe visual people deserve an organizer tailored to their strengths.

DayMap is a visual planning app which helps you plan your days and weeks for optimum productivity. The project outliner places your projects side by side in columns so that you can see more information with less scrolling.

The calendar located below the project outliner makes it easy to schedule important todo’s.

– Sync your DayMap data between your Mac and iPhone (or any iOS Device) thanks to integrated iCloud sync support! (Requires iOS 8 or later and Mac OS X Yosemite or later)
– System-wide keyboard shortcut to quickly add new tasks to inbox without having to switch apps.
– Create deep hierarchies of tasks with subtasks.
– View all your projects and tasks at a glance.

DayMap helps you make the most of every day, every week.

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[NEW] Translated DayMap into German, French, and Chinese.

Steve Jobs

[NEW] Hide Completed slider now only affects the Outline view. Completed tasks in the Calendar will always remain visible.
[NEW] Removed italic text to represent scheduled Tasks. Scheduled Tasks are now marked with an icon.
[NEW] Task Notes can now be previewed in the Outline view. (View > Show Task Notes in Outline)
[NEW] Holding down the Option key while dragging a task in the Outline will create a copy of the task instead of moving it.
[NEW] Added a quick “Schedule for Today” option to the Task context menu.
[IMPROVEMENT] Improved the look of the Task drag destination drawing.
[IMPROVEMENT] Apple Calendar Event time format now respects the 24-hour / 12-hour setting in System Preferences.


[IMPROVEMENT] Increased default project width.


[FIXED] Fixed problem where indentation would be long when dragging a hierarchy of tasks to another location.
[FIXED] Fixed bug where recurring Task “end on date” could shift by one day.

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