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If you’re decorating your home, you’ve probably had the chore of working out how much paint or wallpaper you need to buy. And worse, it’s usually while you are standing in the shop, staring at shelf after shelf of decorating materials.

With Decorator on your iPhone or iPod Touch, now you don’t need to guess, do the sums in your head, or search for a pen and paper. In seconds, enter the information you have, and let Decorator tell you exactly how many tins of paint or rolls of wallpaper you need to buy. No more getting three quarters of the way through your room and running out, or finding you’ve bought twice as much as you need to.

Materials Estimating:

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

iOS 9

– Straightforward calculation – just enter the dimensions of your room, some basic information from the paint tins or wallpaper, and get the answer you need
– Save the dimensions of your rooms for easy re-use

iPhone 6

– Store your commonly used types of paint or wallpaper
– Choose to only decorate certain walls – great if you are adding a feature wall, or just painting a ceiling
– Your choice of imperial or metric units
– One-touch copying of the calculation and results, so you can text them or save them for later

+ Reworked interface for iOS7

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