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If you want a $1.99 App, go and buy a game. This is a business tool.
You don’t have Defects/Punch Lists/Snag Lists? Yer right! Use the App as a Completion List or Inspection report. Get you projects completed ahead of time using the App to control your completion lists.

Developed for the construction industry, Defects App will allow you to create your own custom report so you can call your Report what ever you want!
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Email your project to other team members for them to action and comment or close out the item and send back to you.(Excludes photos)

Have multiple preset Themes ready to produce any Report, create defect lists, punch lists, service reports, snag lists, inspection reports, completion lists, to-do lists, Environmental reports, OH & S reports direct in the field and have it distributed there and then to the people responsible or who needs the information.

User App Review.
"16 Years in the construction game and finally a piece of software designed and built by someone who knows what we need. I have taken this software by the neck and have pushed it hard through the defects of a high rise building and has come out the other end smiling!

Steve Jobs

Instant reports of basically anything you can think of. Defects, Hit lists, completed lists. Wow. It is so easy to add the defects to the database and even easier to retrieve them and have them automatically emailed to the people that count.

iPad Pro

I seriously cannot work without this tool in my hand. Once you have tried it on a project, it will form basis as a required tool to complete your job.


Every finishing foreman should have this tool on site.
Well done to the developers of this software"

Each Theme will allow you to turn off/on each column so the report will only show show the fields you want to display.

In the settings of the App, enter all your company information with your logo,(You can even set up multible companies and logos) set up your projects, start creating your lists with names, area, location, description, GPS location, priority, severity, status, note, even add photos, from your devices library or camera, the contractor responsible, documented, noticed, deadline and completed sections are all in this app. Then when you are ready, create a report, preview your report and email off or upload to your dropbox account or export via CSV (CSV without the photos). We have even added a custom column so you can create your own list!

Whether you are bringing a large construction project to a close or the smallest, this app will handle all your needs!

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We are sure that you will save time and money if this App suits your needs.

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