Delete Duplicates + Contacts | Best Apps and Games 13 June,2018

Delete Duplicates + Contacts

Thanks to this app, you can delete all the duplicate contacts from your address book, you can delete a lot of contacts all at once and you can backup your contacts right from your iPhone or iPad.

Users wrote: "It took me 5 mins what would have taken me more than 2 hours to complete"

"This is the best if you need to delete a lot of numbers all at once"

"So glad I found this!!!"


-Delete all the duplicate contacts from your address book.

iPad Air 3

-Quickly delete multiple contacts at once.
-Delete contacts according filters (without phone, notes, etc..).

iPhone 6

-Delete contacts from a group.
-Delete groups of contacts.

capitals parade

-Backup your contacts.

This app is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

-added ability to share backup files by message or email

Steve Jobs

-added iOS 7.1 support

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