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DesktopApp for Whatsapp

The Best App to use WhatsApp on Mac!

Ranked among the Top 5 Best Free App in over 30 Countries.

– WhatsApp chats.
– Groups.
– Emoji.
– Drag&Drop Photos and Videos.
– Download Photos and Videos.
– Play Video.
– Voice messages listening.
– New messages notification.
– Unread messages on app icon.
– Icon on MenuBar.

Mountain Lion

– Full Screen mode supported.
– Split Screen mode supported.

…but why would you prefer DesktopApp for WhatsApp?

– Quick Reply to Notifications!
– Security Password!
– Customizable Layout Size!
– FaceTime Calls!
– iPhone Calls! (on the Same WiFi network only).
– Automatic Launch at Mac Login! (optional, but you will use it)
– Dark Mode! (optional)
– Number of Unread conversations on MenuBar icon! (optional)
– No annoying messages at launch!


– App usage timer!
– No in-app purchases!

Snow Leopard

– Best Icon! 😉

…and many other small bug fixes to the original service.

Notice: for using DesktopApp for WhatsApp, it is necessary that within the Smartphone App settings there is the WhatsApp Web item.

Legal notes: DesktopApp for WhatsApp is a third party app and is not affiliate nor sponsored by WhatsApp Inc.)"

Support: feedbacks, bugs and infos: [email protected]

– Fixed the problem with the buttons for making calls via FaceTime and iPhone.
– Fixed the problem on reproducing Audio Note.

avalon airport

– Small improvements and BugFix.

Old version (2.0):
– Quick Reply to Notifications!
– Autostart at Login. (optional, but you will use it)
– iPhone Classic Call. On the same WiFi network Only.
– Dark Mode. Crazy.
– Fixed small bug to the Timer over 24 hours of usage. (Who did know that?? Uh!!)
– Rating on store request. To remind you just once: "I’m using the Best App for WhatsApp on Mac, and it’s FREE!"
– New Icon.
– Small improvements and BugFix.

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