DesktopChat for Facebook | Best Apps and Games 25 June,2019

DesktopChat for Facebook

The Best App to use Facebook Messenger on Mac!

– Facebook Chats.
– Groups.
– Emoji & Stickers.
– Drag&Drop Photos and Videos.
– Download Photos and Videos.
– Play Video.
– Voice messages listening.
– New messages notification.
– Unread messages on app icon.
– Icon on MenuBar.

MacBook Air

– Full Screen mode supported.
– Split Screen mode supported.

…but why would you prefer DesktopChat for Facebook?

– Quick Reply to Notifications!
– Message Scheduler!

iMac '27

– Security Password!
– Automatic Launch at Mac Login! (optional, but you will use it)
– Removable Dock Icon.
– Custom Shortcut to Show Messenger Window.
– Number of Unread conversations on MenuBar icon! (optional)
– Low CPU usage!
– External Emoji list! (Edit button)
– No annoying messages at launch!

Mac Pro

– No error sounds when you start typing!
– App usage timer!


– No in-app purchases!
– Best Icon! 😉

…and many other small bug fixes to the original service.

Legal notes: DesktopChat for Facebook is a third party app and is not affiliate nor sponsored by Facebook Inc. This app works like a web browser.

Support: feedbacks, bugs and infos: [email protected]