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DesktopChat for Whatsapp

DesktopChat for WhatsApp on Mac OSX!
Use WhatsApp Chat on your desktop, including the following features:

– Fully compatible to Yosemite and El Capitan.
– Full WhatsApp Access directly from your desktop
– Upload pictures and send them to your contacts (drag & drop)

crimson tide

Snow Leopard

– Download media to your desktop (drag & drop)
– Full Emoji Support etc.
– Push Notifications

MacBook Pro

– Dock Icon Notification Counter (Red Badge)
– Tab Icon in any app at the top (on / off customizable)
– Resizable window
– Fullscreen Support
++ Quick Reply(Screenshot 4) gives you the possibility to answer from any app without leaving it ++

After 30 days the functionality to answer / text will only be available directly from your phone. To continue with full functionality consider buying the pro version for a minimum fee.

DesktopChat for WhatsApp is a third party app.

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