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Information overload — Swamped by paper, emails, notes? Meet DEVONthink — designed to manage and organize all those disparate pieces of information that are so important to your work or studies. As you become more experienced with DEVONthink and its easy, intuitive interface, you will quickly find more exciting ways of using your data.

What DEVONthink Personal does for you:

– DEVONthink stores your documents, scanned papers, notes, bookmarks, etc. in one place. Access live web pages seamlessly from within DEVONthink to review and extract further information.
– Create RTF documents, edit them in full screen, and use smart templates to quickly add pre-styled documents. Clip data from other applications using drag-and-drop, services, or the Dock menu.
– Edit images, cross-reference documents, and annotate PDF documents using standard PDF annotations.


– Search, classify, and show relationships between your documents (automatically and language-independently) with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
– Take all your important documents with you on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with DEVONthink To Go.

Perfect integration:

– Store and view many file formats including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office,, Apple iWork, Skim, Mellel, and all file formats supported by Quicklook.
– Scan your papers with your scan software and file them in your database.
– Search your database also directly from Spotlight.

Based on DEVONsphere®.

This maintenance release now supports images referenced in Markdown documents and imports keywords from Bookends references. Drag Calendar events into RTF documents to create a back link to the appointment and use the name of the top group in templates. This update also brings further improvements and fixes a number of other bugs and glitches.


– Support added for Markdown images referenced via cross-links.
– "File > Import > References from Bookends" converts the keywords of the references to RTF properties.
– Alternate menu item "Edit > Copy Page Link" added.
– Name of the top group can now be used via a placeholder in templates.


PDF text annotations keep their appearance as long as they’re not edited by DEVONthink.
– Borders and background color are supported again by PDF text annotations.
– Dragging events from Calendar into rich text documents inserts back links (requires OS X Yosemite or later). Reminder: It’s already possible to insert file links or addressbook links by dragging with ⌘Command and ⌥Option held.
– Better HTML-to-text conversion, e.g. used by "Data > Convert" and by indexing.
– Enhanced drag-and-drop support.
– Items created via "Data > New from Template" can usually be renamed immediately.
– Renamed "Set Title As" to "Set Name As" for consistency.
– Further minor user interface enhancements.
– Title of PDF documents displayed live in web views is now used if available.
– Moving groups to external folders retains the creation date of the created folder.
– Simple templates honour the option "Preferences > Import > Titles > Filename with extension".
– Better naming of duplicated documents with a file name extension in their name.
– Installed add-ons are automatically updated after launching a new version; the "Install Add-Ons" panel does not appear in this case.
– License file moved to Application Support to avoid conflicts with preferences cleaners.

iMac '27

– French and German localization.
– Memory management.
– Improved reliability of backgroung tasks


– Overall performance and reliability.


– "Open Externally" toolbar item was enabled if the default application is the Archive Utility.
– Highlighting multiple lines in PDF documents sometimes removed existing highlighting.
– Rare sync issues.
– Sorter issues and crashes.
– Scanner issue related to updating the destination of multiple items.
– PDFs attached to RTFs were shown on OS X Yosemite even if the option "Display PDF attachments of Rich Texts" was disabled.
– Beep removed after trying to export an image via "File > Export > Document".
– Groups could be moved into themselves via the Sorter .

spider-man: far from home

– Updating indexed HTML pages or web archives didn’t retain the indexed metadata.
– Exporting as website didn’t always create the required CSS file.
HTML parser could crash DEVONthink Personal in case of invalid HTML code.
– Firefox add-on didn’t encode URLs with parameters.
– RTFDs exported as website were sometimes incorrectly escaped.
– Changing the system appearance could crash the application.
– Further minor bugs and glitches.

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