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Dial 25 Long Distance Service

Dial 25 Low Cost & Free International Calling

Free On-Net calling to Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States. NO HIGH SPEED INTERNET REQUIRED!

Make ultra-low cost International calls with our simple to use App, without the need for WIFI or 3G. With Dial 25 you can make calls without having to worry about a weak Internet signal because you don’t need the Internet to make a call. This means that your calls are always clear no matter where you are calling from. Your calls will not use up your monthly data allowance and are not blocked as is often the case with VoIP calls.

Dial 25 also gives you free On-Net Calling between iPhone users in over 12 countries.


-Free Credit when you sign-up

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-Pay-as-You Go service. No monthly commitments
-Low cost International Calling without any fees

iPhone 6s Plus

-No maintenance fees, no connection fees and your purchased credit never expires
-Have a friend with an iPhone in one of the 12 countries were we have a local access number? Then the call is on us. Call them for as long as you want for FREE.


-Dial 25 calls are not carried over the Internet, meaning that your Internet speed will not impact the call quality. Calls are made as a local call using your existing mobile carrier
-Call from anywhere, even in countries where Skype and other VoIP services are blocked. Dial 25 uses the normal public telephone network so Dial 25 calls aren’t blocked like some VoIP Services
-Access your phone’s contact list
-Make calls over Bluetooth while driving


-No long numbers or PINs to remember, Dial 25 is a beautifully designed app that’s as easy to use as your phone’s dialer. Full rate information is provided before each call so you always know how much each call will cost you.

– Add Credit Feature
– Miscellaneous Improvements

iPhone 7s

– Bug Fixes

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