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During registration with governmental agencies the upload of an electronic copy of your identification document might be required to verify your identity. Use this app to upload an electronic copy of your identification documents.

Verify your identity
Scan the QR code and select the document type to upload an electronic copy of the identification document, by taking a photo of your document using your smartphone. Please follow the instruction on your screen.

Document Quality

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iPhone 6s

We need to be able to read all documents that are sent to us. If your documents are not clear after they have been uploaded and received by us, we will get in touch to tell you.

2-step login
When you enable 2-step login in your account, signing into your account will require both your password and a verification code you can generate with this app.


iOS 9

Digidentity is an expert in authentication services and provides solutions to connect safely to governmental agencies. We focus on security, online privacy and more.

Fixed an issue with uploading photos of passports.

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