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Dino On Fire

Proudly introducing: Epic Dino Wars with amazing PvE, PvP and Clan Wars. Dino On Fire is the ultimate combat strategy game that lets you control every move of your Heroes on the battlefield and introduces some amazing new features that you will like a lot! Build your invincible village, prepare your Heroes for battle and play with thousands of other players online!

5/5: “Incredibly addicting. Best app I’ve downloaded in the past 2 years, by far”
5/5: “This game is awesome! I HIGHLY suggest getting it!”
5/5: “This game is amazing it’s the best CoC style game I’ve ever played and I’ve played them all. Being able to have heroes and level them up, unlock new skills etc. and control what they do in combat is great.

>> Featured in iTunes “Best New Games” category!


Can you stand the HEAT of DINO ON FIRE? Gather the ultimate DINO HEROES and lead your tribe to GLORY! Dino On Fire is the most addictive new COMBAT STRATEGY GAME you will find! Wage amazing, tactical Dino-war with thousands of players online now!

In Dino On Fire you must build and defend your village against enemy Dino tribes! Collect epic Heroes and bestow them with powerful skills to explore new lands, go on exciting adventures and fight thrilling battles against players from all over the world! Take complete control of your Heroes in battle like you’ve never seen before by directing them in realtime! Experience a whole new world of strategy and tactics to attack your enemies and build your defense!

-Create, build and upgrade an undefeatable tribe of Dinos


iOS 8

-Gather and upgrade Heroes to lead your Dino troops in battle
-Give your Heroes epic powers and skills to rule the battlefield


-Team them up and control your Heroes’ actions directly in battle!

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-Battle against players from all over the world!
-Plan out and defend your village against invaders with towers, bombs, traps and catapults.
-Create and join powerful Clans to get help from other players
-Free to play & Dino-tastic!!

We welcome your feedback! Send your tips, ideas and feedback for Dino On Fire via the support URL you find under the reviews tab.

Play Dino On Fire now and discover the most thrilling free strategy game of the year!

The Tyrannos are using evil powers to prolong the winter and the cold in the Dino World. All Chiefs must help to save the Spring! Let’s shovel that snow away and welcome Spring into the Dino World!

>>>More buffs for your Heroes: Mocyl has found a large stack of blueprints for RUNES that turns out give powerful buffs to Heroes. Purchase Rune Blueprints of different levels in Mocyls trade shop with Dino Gold and follow the recipe to create a rune. Possible outcomes are: Leadership Rune, Attack Rune and Defense Rune. You can equip the rune to an optional Hero and each Hero already has 1 slot open for a Rune.

>>>NEW HERO: Maiasaura is a flying hero who supports from the sky. She summons heroes, warriors and buffs to assist in battle and is very powerful.

>>>VIP-System: the long requested VIP system is introduced.

>>>New resource building: The Magic Gem Tree is introduced into the Dino World. You can harvest Gems each day or several times per day depending on tree level.

Enjoy the Update!
Your Dino Team

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