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DjVu To PDF Converter

OS X Yosemite and Retina Ready.

DjVu To PDF Converter is an app that lets you easily convert any DjVu file to PDF document. After conversion document can be opened with any reader supporting PDF (even mobile or portable).

Why use converter instead of reader? Most of the readers are actually converters with integrated PDF viewer. And lets say it, those PDF viewers are less comfortable than Mac’s Preview app. So there is two advantages for converter:

joe harris


– You don’t have to wait every time you open DjVu file. Just open PDF in Preview.
– You get PDF that you can read in way that is most comfortable to you. Even transfer it to your mobile device or other OS.

– Simple and straightforward interface.

Mac Pro

– One click conversion.
– Configurable output color mode and DPI.
– Resulting files are smaller comparing to other similar apps and there are more options.
– Utilizes all processor cores.

Why resulting PDF files are so big? DjVu uses very smart compression that PDF supports very poorly. We work to implement this compression but can’t get stable results. Still there is no converter in the store that achieve that. So by now only standard PDF compression is used.

– New look
– Now you can select compression level
– Result files opens automatically in Preview app after conversion

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