Do – Run Productive Meetings | Best Apps and Games 22 May,2019

Do – Run Productive Meetings

Do ( helps you run productive meetings and do work you love on Mac!

With Do for Mac, you can prepare, run, and followup easily on all of your important meetings.

• Sign in with your Google or Office 365 calendar to view all of your meetings
• Make and share a meeting agenda with all of the participants

Mac Pro

• Write realtime, collaborative meeting notes
• Take private notes alongside the shared notes to keep all the meeting info in one place
• Mark items as either outcomes or followups to ensure things get done, and receive an automatic reminder 24 hours later!
• Assign tasks or bring folks into the conversation by ‘@‘ mentioning anyone
• Share files for all of the participants to view and access
• Launch video conferencing via Google Hangouts or GoToMeeting


• Create meeting templates to avoid building meeting agendas from scratch
• View related meetings automagically, so you always have the most useful context
• Search across all of your meetings, so you never lose track of your work

stranger things

• Share meeting summaries via email, Slack, and Evernote to avoid having a meeting about a meeting about a meeting!


…and lots more

Thousands of companies and people use Do to stay on track and run productive meetings. Get started on Do today with our shiny new Do for Mac app!

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