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DOCX to PDF Converter is the best PDF Creator for you to convert DOCX to PDF. It can easily convert docx to PDF files. If you want to convert doc to PDF, you need to save the doc file as docx file using Office 2007, Office 2010, or Office 2011 (Mac version). When you create PDF files, you can protect your PDF with password and you can also set PDF author information, etc.

PDF is used to easily transfer documents via the Internet. PDF files are protected from changes and retain a presentation’s exact elements, thereby avoiding problems like missing fonts or broken layouts. So many people prefer to use PDF format when then need send a Word document to many recipients, or transfer files from one OS to another. This Word to PDF Converter is such a tool to achieve Word to PDF conversion on Mac OS X.

– Accurately create PDF files from docx documents.
– Preserve original format, layout, text, pictures, etc.
– Stand-alone program, no Adobe Acrobat required.
– Extremely easy to use without any technical requirements.
– Protect your PDF with password and set PDF author information, etc. 

1. Fast conversion speed
Batch convert multiple Word to PDF (docx to PDF) on Mac at one time.


Supports to choose the entire folder and sub-folder to convert.
Add files/folders by dragging and dropping to improve efficiency.

2. Good conversion quality


You could finish the whole process with only a few clicks. After word to PDF conversion, original layout, text, images, vector drawings can be preserved without any quality loss.

3. User-friendly interface
Easy-to-use screen allows you to finish conversion with just a few clicks.
Supports to choose the path for saving the created PDF file.
Capable to effectively perform without any 3rd party tool’s assistance.

4. Merge Word files into one PDF
This Word to PDF Converter (DOCX to PDF Converter)enables you to combine multiple Microsoft Word documents into one single PDF file. Type the merged file name, and click “Start” button to finish the merging conversion!

5. When you create PDF files, you can protect your PDF with password and you can also set PDF author information, etc.

In all, this DOCX to PDF Converter is your best choice to convert word to PDF files. You can easily create PDF from word docx files. ,Just get the DOCX to PDF Converter now!

1. Fixed some minor bugs.


2. Fixed some problem of output PDF files.
3. Optimized the conversion speed.

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