Don't Touch The White Zero: Real Cash Tournaments | Best Apps and Games 13 June,2019

Don't Touch The White Zero: Real Cash Tournaments

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Fast and addicting, this crazy one-touch game will leave you tapping for highest score possible. Speed and accuracy allow for infinite play, but can you last more that 10 seconds? Tap the numbers to add time and increase your score, but "Don’t Touch The White Zero" or the game will end immediately. How high can you make it on the leader board?

Tap the numbers to add time and points. Just remember, Don’t Touch The White Zero!

What players are saying about "Don’t Touch The White Zero" —

Thumbs are happy 5 STARS
by Danny Gonzalez
I liked this game before, now I love it. The touch is improved and I like the chips. Playing against others is the icing on the cake.

Wonderful game! My thumbs are numb now 5 STARS
by GCdidit


I love this app! It really keeps me at the edge of my seat every time. No need to worry about tiles, this is the real deal right here! Two enthusiastic thumbs up’s, All the way!!

Twitchy fingers ! 5 STARS

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by Applebuttercup


Wow. Hands and eye coordination is a must in this fast pace game.

Hard but Fun! 5STARS
by soly tola
Just when I think I’m doing good, I hit a zero…grr! This is quite an addictive game!

– Improved user interface that gets you into the game quicker!

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