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Doodle: Schedule Maker

Doodle is the world’s most popular group scheduling service. Find the best date for a business meeting, outdoor adventure or your next party with friends more than 2x faster. Stop email ping pong or WhatsApp waterfalls and experience the power of social scheduling for free.

Does it always take 20 emails for you to find a date to meet? Try Doodle and experience the power of social scheduling.

Doodle is ideal for planning BBQ parties, Board Meetings, …

Your invitees can even participate without the App on our easy-to-use mobile and desktop websites.


“If you’re trying to find a convenient time to meet several people try a simple scheduling app like Doodle.” — The Wall Street Journal

“Everyone’s favorite online meet-up service” — Gizmodo

“Nobody has to sign up for anything–they just click yes, no, or maybe, and sign up for notifications, if they want.” — Fast Company

“Doodle also scales nicely into the corporate environment” — Lifehack


• Create and access your schedules and polls anytime and anywhere

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• Easily participate in any poll by tapping on its participation link anywhere on your iPhone (e.g. in Mail)
• Integrates with your phones address book for easy invitations.
• Need to clarify details? Have a chat, right then and there and discuss upcoming events with invitees.
• Push updates help you and all poll participants stay on top of things
• Yes or no is not enough? Let people also answer with a ‘maybe’
• Login or register with your Doodle account, Google or Facebook to stay in sync with your web dashboard

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• With Premium Doodle you even have connected calendars available right in the app


It’s easy to dive straight in and find a date for your own meeting. Just tap on "Schedule an event" and follow the steps.

To open an existing poll using the app, just open the poll in Safari on your phone and click on the "Open App" button at the top of the page.

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