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Down to Chill

"See who’s down and what’s up”
“Turn your social network into your social life.”
Down To Chill is a trendy place to hang out with friends who share your interests. Hanging out with friends is now easy, convenient, and fun. Swipe through Facebook friends and see who is DTC. With the use of hashtags and posts, you find friends in your area looking to hang out. Chat online then in person with the use of this community building app.

Create an account using Facebook complete with a profile picture and personal hashtag that you can change and share. Then, post what you are doing on the news feed page using hashtags and/or pictures. Friends have the ability to like and comment on your post, or even open a private chat with you if you both swipe down on each other.

Simple swiping motions and page buttons take you from your profile and personal posting to the public newsfeed then chatting page.

It’s time to start chilling with friends that actually live in the same hemisphere online and off. Bypass the awkward scheduling issues and hang out with friends that are already available.

Sign in with Facebook

iPad Air 4

Create posts using hashtags


Meet up and chill with Facebook friends in your area

iPhone 6

Like and comment on existing posts
Chat with other users
Post as yourself or anonymously
Post pictures
Be matched with friends in your area to chat with
Share your hashtags and posts on your social media sites


Online and offline modes
Anonymous posting mode

Bug Fixes.

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