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DraftPad is a simple notepad which is like a single sheet of paper. You can use it to write a draft for emailing, blogging, Googling, Tweeting, or any writing tasks.

DraftPad allows you to
– Simply write and read on a plain field without any functional complexity or visual clutter.

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– Route your text to other apps or web services such as Email, Message, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Maps, Calendar and more by choosing an item from the "Assist" list which can be opened by tapping the top left button while you are editing. Assist list can be customized.


– Restore old text from the History list which can be opened by tapping the top left button while you are viewing.
– Change font size by tapping the top right button while you are viewing.
– See and switch counters for words, characters, and lines by tapping the titlebar.
– Feel safe from losing text by accidental crash since DraftPad makes auto-backup every minute.

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The development of DraftPad has been discontinued. This is the final update. DraftPad is not going to be optimized for iOS 7.
However, as an official sequel to DraftPad, the same development team has released "Textwell." It has already been in the App Store.

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Textwell is designed with the same concept as DraftPad, but it is much more powerful and flexible. Please check and try it.

– Small bug fixes.

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