Draw Pad Pro 2 – Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks | Best Apps and Games 22 September,2018

Draw Pad Pro 2 – Amazing Notepads and Sketchbooks

Draw Pad Pro² is a simple yet powerful way to capture your thoughts, notes, and ideas. With a beautiful and clean interface designed for iOS 9, the app is a joy to use and easy to learn. Underneath the simplicity, Draw Pad Pro² packs powerful features. Each stroke you make is synced in real time to all your devices. Your work is organized into notebooks, with the ability to add titles to each page.



• Robust drawing engine


iPhone 7s

• Beautiful iOS 9 design

iPhone 6 Plus

• Cloud Syncing to all your devices
• Notebooks Galore

Give Draw Pad Pro² a try today. We think you’ll love it!

– Server work and end-of-year maintenance.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements

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