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Dringend – The development environment for your iPad

Dringend is a fast and easy to use iOS and Mac app development environment for your iPad. Program and build your apps on the go from your iPad (Mac also required for building) using a beautiful and intuitive code editor and all your changes will be synced back to your Mac when your done. Even make use of git source control to commit and push your code changes to the remote repository and to the rest of your team.

Wherever you may be in the world, whether on a beach or sitting at a cafe you can continue to develop your apps and even build and run them.

Dringend is your perfect companion for developing your apps and testing them whilst you’re on the road.

VIDEO demo can be found at dringend.cc


• Build and run your iOS projects on your iPad (Mac app, Dropbox account & registration as official iOS developer required to run project)
• Full syntax highlighting for both Swift and Objective-C
• Git support (including cloning repositories, committing changes, pushing, pulling, switching branches and working with submodules)
• Robust find and replace within files
• Full project-wide file and file contents search
• Recent files menu in the code editor to make it quick to switch between often accessed files
• Code structure list to view methods and pragma marks in files
• Additional keys to make accessing commonly used programming keys easier
• Project syncing with Dropbox
• Full keyboard dock and bluetooth keyboard support
• Import Xcode projects/workspaces from Dropbox


• Export Xcode projects from iPad to Dropbox
• Import files from Dropbox
• Smart bracket detection when inserting brackets
• Create new Xcode projects from templates (same as in Xcode)
• Create new files from Xcode templates
• Delete, move and generally edit the Xcode project/workspace structure


Your projects can be built and run on the iPad however this will require a Mac running ‘The Constructor.app’, more information on which can be found on the website at dringend.cc/constructor.

More information can be found on the website at dringend.cc and if you have any issues, requests or need any help feel free to contact us on twitter @dringendapp.

Workspace support, support for scheme selection when building, and a new recent files menu in the code editor are the main additions in this version.

● Recent files popup added to code editor to navigate between most recent files
● Comment or uncomment whole lines by swiping left or right on the key


● Full workspace support added (syncing, import, edit & build)
● Schemes are now synced and can be chosen from the scheme picker in the build tab
● Large improvements and overhaul to syncing

● Automated retries of uploads now work more consistently

Steve Jobs

● Fixed some validation issues with git views
● Fixed a bug in the code editor which would occur when deleting an empty line
● Fixed a bug where deleting a local file would fail
● Fixed a bug where the status bar overlay would be incorrectly sized


● Fixed a rare crash regarding Dropbox authorization failure’s
● Fixed a bug where Swift projects created from templates would not have files added to build phase
● Fixed an issue in the search view here the matched word wasn’t actually highlighted in the preview
● Fixed an issue in the code editor where using the tab key would cause line numbering issues and/or crashing

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