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DropCopy – share files and clipboards wirelessly

DropCopy – easily share files and clipboard text between iPhones, iPod Touches and Macintosh computers.

DropCopy is designed to function as intuitively as possible: simply launch it on 2 or more iOS devices (or computers) that are on the same Wifi network and the devices will automatically "see" each other. You select the file you want to copy, and the destination; DropCopy takes care of the rest. To get files from the Mac to your iPhone, simply drag a file onto our discreet "dropzone" on your desktop and it is transferred immediately to your chosen destination. To learn more, watch a video of DropCopy in action at http://10base-t.com/macintosh-software/dropcopy/

There are many uses for DropCopy in addition to the standard “take your files with you” scenario. DropCopy has file previews for most common media types, including Word, PDF, and many others. These previews can be viewed full-screen, and support rotation. With firmware 3.0 and newer, you can also share clipboards between iPods, iPhones and computers. Imagine ‘copying’ an address, note or recipe on your Mac and then simply ‘pasting’ it on your iPod!

*Be aware that DropCopy cannot access the files in your iTunes library on your iPhone/iPod. In order to use DropCopy, you must first add files to the iPhone/iPod with DropCopy for the Mac, or from another DropCopy mobile client.

1) added a share extension to enable you to DropCopy URLs and small files directly from the standard iOS share sheet. More info: 10base-t.com/how-to-use-dropcopys-new-share-extension/

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