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DSAMobile Prem

The DSAMobile Prem app is designed to be used in conjunction with the JDSU DSAM XT test instrument.

DSAMobile Prem is a premises test solution that utilizes a WiFi connection to your DSAM XT meter to provide a suite of video and data troubleshooting and certification capabilities. The application takes advantage of JDSU’s decades of cable TV experience to provide a tool that allows cable technicians to find and fix issues quickly and leave every job knowing that the home has been tested thoroughly. The DSAMobile Prem application provides the following capabilities:

– Full Scan of channels in a single view (55 MHz to 1000 MHz)
– Pass / Fail analysis based on the configuration of the DSAM instrument
– Drill down analysis of a specific channel for analog and digital channels
– Track the performance of a digital carrier for the last 9 minutes with the easy-to-use DQI score
– Scan the upstream for ingress impairments from 4 MHz up to 42/65/85MHz or 110 MHz
– Range and Register on your DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and 8×4 bonded 3.0 DOCSIS carriers
– Execute service layer Packet Loss tests on DOCSIS carriers
– Verify your DOCSIS downstream throughput capacity up to 304 Mbps (6MHz carriers) or 400 Mbps (8MHz carriers)


– Verify your DOCSIS upstream throughput capacity up to 120 Mbps
– Certify the home with JDSU’s industry-leading Home Certification test

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iPhone 7s

– Synchronize all test results to a TPP (Test Productivity Pack) server from the iPad

iOS 8

– View informative multimedia content on proper test procedures directly from the application

Please contact your sales representative to determine if your DSAM XT is equipped with the proper feature set to perform all of the available tests with the DSAMobile Prem application.

Added iPhone support.
Additional bug fixes.

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