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Duplicate Bridge Scoring

Duplicate Bridge is fun to play, but totaling up the match points and determining the winner at the end can be difficult. That is where the Duplicate Bridge Scoring App can make your life easier.

This is an application designed by duplicate bridge players, for duplicate bridge players.

Launch the app, start a new match, enter the match parameters, and begin. You can enter the team names if you want, and you can even print out some board movement sheets that can be placed at each table, to help avoid the confusion of where teams move next for each round. If an AirPrint printer is not available, these sheets can be sent out as an email in PDF format, and can then be printed from a desktop computer.

Play your game as you would normally, using the "travelers" sheets to keep score of each board. The tournament director can either enter the scores as each board is completed, or can wait until the end. When all the scoring has been entered, the results can be displayed and the winner is determined. The results can also be printed out, or sent out as an email in PDF format.

A hand score calculator has also been included.

Bug fixes.



iPad Air 4


4 table alternate movement.

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